Saturday, November 8, 2008

News Blackout--- Does anyone have any rioting video from Obamapalooza in the Hood???

We were both waiting to see at LEAST some home video's being posted up on youtube about the rioting and mayhem on the south and west side's of Chicago during the Great Obama Freaknik. Shocking but not shocking really, that there is not ONE live report that we have found on any site showing the absolute savagery of what really went on out there in the streets and neighborhood's. Only the liberal love fest going on in Grant Park. It is an injustice to all the men and women in blue that risked their lives that night and every day. Not one damn video??? No camera phone's picking up the insanity that was out there on the streets???? Needless to say we were disappointed. Many on another blog are dismissing it like it never happened, and that the police were alarmists, and chicken little, (the sky is falling). Well it wasnt the sky is falling, the bricks, bottles and concrete were falling and flying that night.

We do know there is a G.O. that states no camera's in the cars or on patrolman. But someone has to have something out there.

So anyone, I PLEAD with you to get some video up on YOUTUBE to show the savagery out there that night. This was not a love fest this was not peace love and happiness in the inner city. It was mayhem pure and simple.

If anyone has any video. Please send it to us at We will be sure to get that video out and have it posted anonomously.