Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Signs of Spring ..............

Obama Chia-pet Racist?

Sometimes controversy springs forth from the most unlikely places. Walgreens stores in Chicago and Tampa recently introduced a new version of the lovably tacky botanical totem known as Chia-Pet. Yes, "the pottery that grows" has entertained Americans for years now, and along the way it has evolved into various shapes: kittens, trees dogs, elephants, even Mr. T. You name the shape, so long as the sprouting seeds give the appearance of growing hair or fur, Chia was a guaranteed hit. Well, that was before Chia-Obama.

Via Wired comes word that this presidential version is being pulled from Walgreens' shelves:

Spokesman Robert Elfinger said store managers have the ability to market products of their choice. But the top brass of the Deefield, Illinois-based drug chain was not amused by some of its Tampa and Chicago managers' choices to market the President Obama likeness.

"We got some complaints from people that they thought it was racist," Elfinger said in a telephone interview.

How is this racist ?