Sunday, January 25, 2009


I watched Ann Coulter promote her new book "GUILTY" on the view . As one would expect when Ann Coulter brought up the issue about single mothers and the burden it takes on society the liberal hosts were not happy. The facts are that Ann Coulter couldn't be more right about this issue . This should be every Americans concern because we as taxpayers are burdened with taking care of these unwed mothers & their children. Why aren't these mothers held accountable for the choices they make. In Coulters book she writes " we reinforce the idea that single motherhood is just rotten luck " These women choose to have children out of wedlock its their choice and we are paying for it. Almost every woman I have come into contact with while working is a single mother and not just one child but multiple with different fathers. The best prediction of whether a person will end up in prison is that he was raised by a single mother. We have to pay for that too with our tax dollars. In doing some research I found that 90% of welfare recipents are single mothers. In 2008study Of Illinois % of females head of households living in poverty 61.5% of the 1.3 million total households in poverty in Illinois. The cost for taxpayers in Illinois for single mothers is 2 BILLION annually . In a 2008 study by Georgia University they found that single mothers unwed or divorced cost us taxpayers 112 BILLION every year.
Liberals respond that its society fault for getting pregnant and we should have more instruction for birth control.Our teenagers are more informed about sex & birth control than ever before. Everyone of these guys you stop on the streets have condoms but dont use the damn things.
These single mothers blame the men for this problem but it takes to to tango and blame needs to be put on these single mothers. Ann Coulter said it best"that single mothers breed a huge underclass 1/2 of single mothers live below poverty and the underclass see themselves as the passive victims of circumstance with no control over their own lives."
Before I could see how so many women ended up pregnant because of a lack of information but now it taught in every school they can get free birthcontrol.
My solution : Stop having sex or if you do make sure you have birth control . Get and education , get married and make sure you can support the child before you have one
Quit relying on the goverment to give you money for a choice you made .