Friday, April 17, 2009

Chicago Attorney Convicted Of Delivering Drugs To Inmate

A Chicago attorney was convicted Thursday of delivering drugs and paraphernalia hidden in legal documents to a Cook County Jail inmate last year, prosecutors announced today.

After a bench trial, a Cook County judge found Nathan Billmaier, 35, guilty of bringing contraband into a penal institution and possession with intent to deliver, according to a statement from the office of State's Atty. Anita Alvarez.

Billmaier, of the 1900 block of West Potomac Avenue, was accused of delivering drugs and paraphernalia on as many as six occasions between February and May of 2008, authorities said. Authorities only charged him in one instance.

He was arrested with nine flattened tinfoil packages that contained 4 ounces of marijuana, 4 ounces of contraband tobacco, 6 Ecstasy tablets and 40 matches, authorities said at the time.

The drugs were being delivered with the help of a girlfriend of a jail inmate who put the drugs in tinfoil and hid them in large stacks of legal documents, prosecutors said.

The woman would allegedly hand the documents to Billmaier who would deliver them to inmate Donald Jordan, who was being held on charges of murder, violation of parole and a previous charge of possessing contraband in jail.

According to testimony, Billmaier was paid between $500 and $700 for each delivery and made a total of $3,600.
He was smuggling drugs to a murderer I hope that 3,600 was worth going to jail & getting disbarred

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