Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Woman Super Glues Boyfriends Penis ! Ouch

MILWAUKEE — A woman accused of helping lure a boyfriend to a hotel room and gluing his penis to his stomach as punishment for his cheating ways says she and the other women went to the motel to tell him “the gig was up.”

Therese Ziemann told NBC’s “Today” show on Tuesday that she and the other three women accused of holding the man against his will in a Green Bay, Wis., hotel room did not collaborate, and that there was no ringleader among them.

Prosecutors say the women, including the man’s wife and another girlfriend, lured the man to the motel on July 30 to punish him for cheating.

Court documents say the man agreed to be bound with sheets and blindfolded by Ziemann, and that she used Krazy Glue to attach his penis to his stomach.