Thursday, February 19, 2009


I recieved an email about an officer who told the medical section that he was taking antidepressants which wasn't related to his reason why he was down there ,but the nurse immediatley made him sign a release form to contact his psychatrist and request his personal records. They told him that he could be stripped and when he called the union they told him he will probably will get served and must go now and talk with the city doc take a drug test to make sure hes fit for duty . I had no idea that the city could do that I mean this guy took steps to help with his depression and it seems he is now being punished for doing the right thing . Now his personal records will be in the Departments hands. The nurse told him the department wants "normal people " when does having depression not make you normal 1 in 5 people have depression and its a genetic disease that runs in famlies . So the dept is telling you its ok to self medicate with alcohol but God forbid you take a prescribed medication because then you will be stripped and until you are found fit for duty you will be in call back. Has anyone else had to go through this when the dept found out they took an antidepressant ?

This guy isnt suicidal or depressed because of the medication hes taking how can the dept get away with this