Friday, February 6, 2009

Home Owned By Top Cop Cuello found to have Drug & Weapons

February 6, 2009

A 28-year-old suspected gang member has been taken into custody after the seizure of drugs and weapons at a home owned by a high-ranking Chicago Police official, sources said.

The arrest happened at a Southwest Side home owned by Beatrice Cuello, the department’s assistant superintendent for administrative services. She is one the top three cops in the department’s hierarchy.

An arrest was made at a home owned by Beatrice Cuello, the Police department's assistant superintendent for administrative services.
(Brian Jackson/Sun-Times)

The suspect is not related to Cuello, but the home was in her name.

Four handguns and cocaine was seized at the home.

Chicago Police executed the search warrant late Thursday with some 20 officers because the suspect was believed to be a gang member selling guns from the home, a source familiar with the seizure said.

The officers on the scene were not aware the suspect’s girlfriend was Cuello’s daughter until she told them during the arrest and seizure. The daughter allegedly became angry with the officers about the arrest, a source said.

The suspect’s arrest history is not unusually violent, the source said.

He had moved into the home after it was purchased, sources said. The family knew the man to be self-employed and had no idea about the alleged drug and weapon activity, a source said.
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Bitch 2 :So Cuello's daughter is living with a gang banger thats selling guns & drugs out of the home owned by Cuello. The fact is nothing will happened to cuello she is clout heavy and involved with LAPA like so many other bosses.The one who was brining underage girls across state lines to have sex with them. Nothing was done about that that and just swept under the rug and hes still a white shirt