Friday, May 29, 2009

NYPD Officer Accidently Shoots And Kills Another Policeman

Off-Duty Policeman Killed by Officer
(May 29) -- A plainclothes policeman who drew his gun while chasing someone he had found rummaging through his car was shot and killed by a fellow officer who was driving by and saw the pursuit, the police commissioner said.
Commissioner Raymond Kelly said 25-year-old Omar J. Edwards died after being shot late Thursday within blocks of the Harlem police station where he worked.
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The shooter was white and Edwards was black, a fact that could raise questions about police use of deadly force in a minority community. And in recent years there have been several cases of off-duty policemen in the New York City area being shot and killed by other officers.
Edwards had just finished his shift around 10:30 p.m. when he headed to his car and saw that the driver's-side window had been smashed and a man was going through the vehicle, Kelly said.
Edwards struggled with the man, who got away from him by slipping out of his sweater, Kelly said. Edwards chased the man up two streets with his gun drawn, he said.
A sergeant and two plainclothes officers in an unmarked police car saw the pursuit and made a U-turn to follow the men, Kelly said. One of the officers jumped out of the car and fired six times, hitting Edwards twice — once in the arm and once in the chest, he said.
very sad

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

CPD Officer Seriously Hurt In Traffic Crash :Gun Stolen

Cop seriously injured in 3-car crash
May 27, 2009 2:38 PM | 1 Comment |

The scene of the crash at 98th Street and Halsted Street that involved three cars and injured 5 people including a Chicago police officer. (Mike Anzaldi/for the Chicago Tribune)

A police officer was seriously injured in a three-vehicle crash on the South Side at midday, authorities said. Four other people also were hurt.

A source said that police were trying to find the officer's weapon. As of 1:48 p.m., about two hours after the accident, the gun had not been located.

The officer was taken in critical condition to Advocate Christ Hospital Medical Center in Oak Lawn from the crash at 98th and Halsted Streets, said Quention Curtis, a spokesman for the Chicago Fire Department.

An older man and woman also were taken to Christ Hospital, and two teenagers were taken to Little Company of Mary Hospital, with non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

The crash, which involved three cars, happened about 11:45 a.m., said Police News Affairs Officer Laura Kubiak.

What they dont tell you in this article is that the officers gun was STOLEN off him while he laid paralyzed in the sqaud car . Dirty Savages

Monday, May 25, 2009

Remembering Those Who Served

Support Our Heroes with Care Packages for this Special Holiday!

On this Memorial Day weekend, please take a moment of your time to remember those military members who have fought and are fighting for mankind's security!

U.S. Casualties in Iraq
Casualty Notes

Monthly Summaries References
US Army Evacuations from Iraq
Month US
* US
** US
March 2003 65 0 202
April 2003 73 0 340
TOTAL 138 0 542
May 37 0 54
June 30 0 147
July 47 0 226
August 35 0 181
September 30 0 247
October 43 0 413
November 82 0 337
December 40 0 261
January 2004 47 0 188
February 19 0 150
March 52 0 323
April 136 12 1214
May 80 8 757
June 42 2 589
July 54 7 552
August 66 5 895
September 81 3 706
October 63 5 647
November 137 3 1427
December 72 1 540
January 2005 107 1 496
February 58 4 409
March 36 0 364
April 52 0 590
May 79 3 385
June 77 0 501
July 54 1 473
August 84 1 451
September 48 6 490
October 96 0 608
November 83 5 518
December 66 1 304
January 2006 61 4 521
February 53 3 300
March 30 3 475
April 74 7 481
May 69 2 422
June 59 2 512
July 42 9 574
August 65 5 503
September 70 7 776
October 100 11 870
November 63 13 502
December 105 12 644
January 2007 82 10 714
February 81 7 398
March 75 11 637
April 102 6 776
May 121 10 591
June 98 13 669
July 76 11 654
August 77 10 658
September 63 9 347
October 37 2 376
November 35 6 244
December 23 193
January 2008 40 2 216
February 29 216
March 37 590
April 51 3 283
May 20 132
June 28 2 39
July 13 2
August 22
September 25
October 13
November 16
December 13 1
January 2009 16
February 2009 17

March 2009 9
April 2009 17 2
May 2009 14 4
Subtotal 4,212 11 30,182
TOTAL 4,223

"Apologize to no one"!

Remind those of our sacrifice and don't confuse arrogance with leadership, and bravery!

As Americans, let's all look forward.

God Bless America!

Memorial Day isn't just a three day weekend and barbeque's Please keep all of our men & women who served our country in your prayers and honor our fallen .

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Michelle Obama Makes Maxim's Top Hottest Women

Lady Michelle Obama has been named to Maxim's Hot 100, the lad mag's annual list of the 100 hottest women in the world.

Obama came in at #93 listing. The writeup reads:

He may be dealing with two wars, an economic meltdown, and a rapidly graying dome, but at least our Commander in Chief gets to come home to the hottest First Lady in the history of these United States. (Sorry, Martha Washington!)
After a lot of airbrushing & heavy make-up ! Hottest lady in the history of the United States give me a break

Thursday, May 21, 2009

14 Dist CPD Member Seroiusly Injured In Afghanistan

THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2009


Officer Pedro Medina assigned to the 014th District was deployed to Afghanistan. Officer Medina was seriously injured in a building collapse. He is scheduled to be transferred to Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, DC on Friday May 22, 2009.

Members are encouraged to send a card or letter to Officer Medina and his family.

c/o the 014th District
2150 N. California Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60647
Walter Reed Medical Center
6900 Georgia Ave NW
Washington, DC 20307

Chicago Riot Cops 1968 Reunion 26 JUN 09

The time has come that the Chicago Police be honored and recognized for their contributions to maintaining order and for taking a stand against anarchy.

The time was the hot summer month of August '68. The Democratic National Convention was about to start and the only thing that stood between Marxist street thugs and public order was a thin blue line of dedicated, tough Chicago police officers.

For decades the collective Left has white-washed what really happened during the riots of 1968 and 1969. Chicago Police officers who participated in the riots continue to endure unending criticism - all of which is unwarranted, inaccurate and wrong.

If you were a Chicago cop who was in the Chicago riots - we want you!

The reunion is coming!

We're planning on having photos, displays, a guest speaker and plenty of food. As vendors come on line, we'll post updates on the website. Please contact me at the email below and I'll register you for the festivities.

If you're interested in attending or donating, please contact us at

Happy Memorial the flag with pride this weekend, and remember our Fallen Warriors.

Here's an update on the reunion:

If you plan on attending, please send me your full name, number of attendees, contact information and a check. Some of those who have contacted me only gave me your email address. CPD Re-pro graphics is printing tickets and posters - I'll either mail you your tickets or have them waiting for you at the door, if you choose to prepay. Please make the check payable to Michael Mattson, in the amount of $30 per person - in the memo line please write "convention reunion. cell : 773.209.4139
(All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Chicago Police Memorial Fund).

A T-shirt company is designing shirts for the occasion. (see attached). If you have any other ideas please let me know.
If you'd like to volunteer for the Food Committee, please feel free to research food vendors and let me know what you find out. I've hit a bit of a wall on that one, and the clock is ticking.

Lodge rules prohibit any bottles - all beer, wine and pop must be in cans or plastic cups. Any volunteers for the Libation Committee would be welcome as well.

I've contacted a photographer as well. Phil Cline has agreed to attend the event, as well. Still no word from John Kass or his staff.

Depending on the success of the event, we may make this Annual.

Please bring any memorabilia that you think relevant - old riot gear, call boxes, photos, log-books...etc.
To register to attend the reunion, ask any questions, or to donate (photographs, food or alcohol) for the event, please contact us at

Thanks again for your interest and participation in this reunion. Thank you especially for your service to the City and to your fellow police officers.

Mike Mattson, #3615

2009 Reunion

Chicago Riot Cops Reunion
DATE: Friday, June 26th, 2009
LOCATION: Chicago FOP Lodge
TIME: 7:00 pm.
if you would like to attend please contact mike Mattson 773-209-4139
or contact bitches in blue . Hope to see you there everyone is welcome !
COST: Price will be $30 with all proceeds to go to the Chicago Police Memorial Fund.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Obama Didn't Speak At The National Peace Officers Memorial

While it's tradition for the World Series Champions to visit the White House each year there is also another tradition that happens in Washington, DC every May 15th. It is known as National Peace Officers Memorial Day and was signed into law on October 1, 1962 by President John F. Kennedy. That is the day that a ceremony is held at the United States Capitol to honor all law enforcement officers who made the Supreme Sacrifice the previous year. Historically, the President of the United States is the keynote speaker and welcomes the survivors as each officer's name is announced and the family places a flower in the FOP wreath in honor of their loved one.

The husbands, wives and children of the 134 officers killed last year in the Line of Duty were not the only family members who came to the ceremony. Their mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers also came to the Capitol to honor their hero. Also, the officers that served with them were in attendance. So there they were, almost 1,000 police survivors from every corner of the country, seated on the West Lawn of the Capitol waiting to be welcomed by the President only to find that he was unable to attend due to a photo opportunity and a 10 minute speech to a baseball team.

It's not the Phillies fault that the President of the United States was busy welcoming them to the Rose Garden, they deserved that, but if it was known that the Law Enforcement Memorial Service was scheduled for noon on May 15th I'm sure an adjustment would have been made to accommodate both.

My question is how do you tell a child whose parent was killed protecting his community, that the President would not be coming to honor his mom or dad because even though he was just down the street he was too busy taking a picture with a baseball team. The City of Philadelphia, the Delaware Valley and our country has seen way too many officers killed in the Line of Duty. FYI...there are 18,661 names on the walls of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, DC, and one horrible fact remains. Every 53 hours a Police Officer is killed in the Line of Duty.

At every funeral you see the outpouring of grief and sympathy from our citizens. There are fund raisers at Geno's, Finnegan's Wake, the FOP and numerous establishments around the city to support the officer's family. We as Police Officers cannot thank the citizens enough for their kindness, generosity and support, but the men and women who were in DC for Police Week are reeling from the President's decision not to pay his respects by attending the memorial service but instead chose to welcome a baseball team to the Rose Garden. There is no comparison. There is no excuse. There is no justification. I don't understand his reasoning....go pay my respects to 134 Police Officers killed in the Line of Duty or take a picture with a baseball team.

I became a Police Officer in 1974 and retired in 2001 and in those 35 years I may have missed 4 or 5 funerals but I've yet to miss the Memorial Service in DC. His disregard of the 134 Fallen Officers, their families and departments is beyond comprehension. IT IS A DISGRACE!!!

Sgt. Richard G. Desmond
Camden NJPD/Retired

President/1994 - Present
Camden County Emerald Society

Past National President/2002-2005
National Conference of Law Enforcement Emerald Societies
I have attended the memorial twice & president Bush spoke both times not only that he talked to each individual family that lost a loved one in the line of duty for 10 to 15 minutues each . Thats the diffrence between Barry & Bush

Monday, May 18, 2009

Chuck Goudie Article

'I have never heard of any City Council member ...'
By Chuck Goudie | Daily Herald Columnist

Tonight is the anniversary of the deadliest event in Chicago Police Department history. On the evening of May 4, 1886, as a drizzle fell on the city's near West side, a labor rally was held in support of something we take for granted: the 8-hour work day.

There was a large, boisterous crowd listening to a number of speakers. But it was so peaceful that even Mayor Carter Harrison Sr. listened for a time.

As the last speaker was reciting his final words about 10:30 p.m., someone threw a pipe bomb at the column of Chicago police officers.

The police opened fire and some of the protesters pulled guns of their own and shot back. After the 5-minute melee, dozens of people lay slaughtered on the street.

Among the dead were seven Chicago police officers. An eighth policeman died later from his injuries.

Some called it a massacre.

It is usually known as the Haymarket Riot.

In polite circles, it is called the Haymarket Affair.

By whatever name, this anniversary of that terrible Chicago event on this date 123 years ago is an opportunity to think about the thousands of people who have served and protected all of us; especially those who have been wounded and killed in the line of duty.

But it is difficult not to be disillusioned about law enforcement these days.

Just this year a Southsider was sentenced for secretly working as a Chicago mobster while he was also on the police force - providing crucial information to the Outfit about an underworld homicide.

Last month, an 18-year Chicago detective was charged in a drunken car crash on the Dan Ryan that killed two innocent victims.

Last week, the son of a disgraced, corrupt Chicago cop was convicted of leaking sensitive information to the mob while working as a deputy United States Marshal.

Also last week, three Chicago cops were cleared in the infamous Jefferson Tap and Grille bar fracas - but not before the department name was sullied by repeated airing of video showing one of the off-duty cops with his hands on the neck of a patron.

There seems to have been a steady stream of embarrassing, unacceptable events involving some of Chicago's "finest."

And if you concentrate just on those, it is easy to avoid being thankful for good cops. But there are more of them, many more, than there are bad ones.

Day after day in this city, the unsung, hardworking majority are trampled by a knucklehead minority that can't stay straight.

I was reminded of this recently, loud and clear, after reporting a story on ABC 7 about a sensitive contract issue raised by a South side alderman. Ald. Anthony Beale was suggesting that police and fire officers forgo $5,000 in what he termed "bonuses," that they receive every year in addition to their regular salaries.

The contractual payments are intended to cover a "uniform allowance" and for what is called "duty availability," which is basically a fee to ensure that officers are reachable for work 24/7.

As I have learned over the years, reports even mildly challenging of police - especially pay or benefits - are met by a voracious response. This was no different.

But one response touched me. That it came from a retired city fire lieutenant shows the symbiosis between cops and firefighters.

His name is Jim McMahon and he wrote to me for one reason. The "18,000 men and woman of the Chicago Police and Fire Departments have been working without a raise or a current contract since 2007 - the old worn out excuse that 'we are currently in tough economic times' doesn't hold any water any more. The economy was doing just fine back in 2007 and the Police and Fire Departments should have been given a contract with a raise back then, just like all of the other city departments did."

What came from McMahon's heart should touch all of us on this anniversary, and as we begin Police Month.

"While in the performance of their duty, I have never heard of any City Council member:

Saving anyone's life

Prying anyone out of a wreck

Chasing an armed criminal down a dark alley

Working to total physical exhaustion

Running into, or on top of, a burning building

Getting paralyzed

Getting 2nd and 3rd degree burns

Getting disfigured

Diving into the lake, river or lagoon at night - in all seasons

Had someone die in their arms

Putting dead victims in body bags

Getting buried in a building collapse

Comfort an abused child

Catch a communicable disease

Being exposed to deadly carcinogens and other health hazards

Subjected to random drug and alcohol screening

Shot at, stabbed, spit on or assaulted

Getting killed in the line of duty

But I do know of thousands of police and fireman that have, and do all these things on a daily basis without hesitation, and all they've ever asked for is a little respect and a living wage to raise their families with. The average person couldn't, or wouldn't do these jobs effectively, and would never even consider putting themselves in harm's way and risk their life for someone they don't even know, not for any amount of money.

Before anyone passes judgment on the members of the Chicago Police and Fire Departments, I'd challenge them to see if they could last one week alongside these dedicated men and women, and just stay with them, no matter what, and do what they are asked to do, in a moment's notice! This challenge extends to every citizen, journalist, alderman, or any other politician in the city of Chicago, including our Honorable Mayor, Richard M. Daley."
This was published 04 May 09 Goudie was the one who was bitching that Police received uniform allowances . Thank you Jim Mc Mahon !

CPD Morale Survey

Chicago police measure morale with survey
May 17, 2009 5:58 PM | 1 Comment
For months, Chicago police officers have been saying privately that morale at the department is at an all-time low. Now Supt. Jody Weis wants to see just how true that may be.
The department launched an online survey of its members last week, hoping to determine how they feel about morale and stress on the job. The survey, conducted with the help of University of Illinois at Chicago researchers, is intended to examine how well pilot programs for alternative shifts are going but also give Weis a look at overall morale, said Bill Dougherty, first vice president of the Fraternal Order of Police, which represents rank-and-file officers.

The survey, which includes more than 50 questions, asks department members about how their job affects time with their families, their satisfaction with the department and even whether they've considered working for other departments, Dougherty said.

Department members have until mid-June to complete the online survey, and results are expected by the end of summer, police said.

"We want to provide the best workplace environment for our employees," Weis said in a statement. "That is why we are interested in the experiences of our department members and how they are affected by everyday work issues. We encourage everyone to fill out the survey in an open and honest manner."

The department and UIC are promising that those who participate in the survey won't be identified, although they will have to input a code to allow the department to measure responses by years of service and unit.

Though the FOP helped draft the survey, Dougherty said the union hasn't endorsed the survey for its members because it wasn't allowed to take part in the collection of the surveys.

We don't need a survey WEIS already said morale is fine because we go on 10-1 calls
(officer need assistance ).
When I came on in the 90's they had a rating system which they are trying to implement again. This rating system was a joke everyone who worked the desk or in the commanders officer received a 90% or higher. If you received a 75% or lower you didn't get your step raise . They could only give out so many 90's & 80's scores. Guess what if a Sgt. didn't like you your stuck with a low score which many officers refused to sign .
Morale will go even lower with this idiotic rating system i hope the FOP does something about this

Friday, May 15, 2009

4 American's Murdered In Tijuana

4 Americans Strangled in MexicoAP
posted: 5 HOURS 46 MINUTES AGOcomments: 528filed under: National News, World NewsPrintShareText SizeAAATIJUANA, Mexico (May 15) — The bodies of four U.S. citizens were found strangled, beaten and stabbed in a van in this border city, two days after they reportedly left their Southern California homes for a night at the Mexican clubs, U.S. officials said Thursday.
The victims, ages 19 to 23 years old, were found tied up on Saturday, but their deaths were not reported earlier because they were under investigation, said Fermin Gomez, an assistant state prosecutor in Baja California.
U.S. consular officials in Tijuana said the victims — two men and two women from the San Diego and Chula Vista areas — were U.S. citizens. The state attorney general's office in Baja California said one of the women was Mexican.
Their deaths are the latest in a string of violence in Tijuana that authorities blame on a bloody turf war between drug cartels.
"I just don't think kids should be going to Tijuana right now," Chula Vista police Lt. Scott Arsenault told the San Diego Union-Tribune. "They ran into the wrong people, obviously."
Bernard Gonzales, a spokesman for the Chula Vista Police Department, said a friend told the women's parents they were headed to nightclubs in Tijuana on Thursday night. They were reported missing the next day when they did not answer their cell phones.
_______________________________________________The Houston Chronicle recently ran a piece entitled Caught in the Chaos [By Lise Olsen, February 8, 2009]. It reported that "More than 200 U.S. citizens have been slain in Mexico’s escalating wave of violence since 2004—an average of nearly one killing a week…" and that " More U.S. citizens suffered unnatural deaths in Mexico than in any other foreign country—excluding military killed in combat zones—from 2004 to 2007, State Department statistics show." (There are also 75 Americans missing in Mexico).

We have to stop giving them our money !

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Missing CPD Canine ! FYI

Chicago police dog missing on SW Side
May 14, 2009 10:36 AM | 7 Comments | UPDATED STORY
A Chicago police Canine Unit officer is looking for his animal partner who was spooked by a clap of thunder and jumped the fence at the officer's Southwest Side home Wednesday night, police said.

The dog, named Bear, is a German shepherd and has been missing since about 10:30 p.m., said Police News Affairs Officer Laura Kubiak.

The officer took the dog out into the backyard of his home in the 3800 block of West 109th Street about 10:30 p.m. during a lull in Wednesday night's thunderstorms, Kubiak said.

A clap of thunder scared Bear and "all of a sudden" he climbed a 5-foot fence and took off in an easterly direction, Kubiak said.

The male German shepherd is black and tan, and weighs about 74 pounds. He has a computer chip under his skin that identifies him, Kubiak said. He is about 2-1/2 years old, according to police.

Authorities are running a bulletin about Bear over the Chicago police band radio.

Bear's human partner was "out almost all night looking for him," went home and slept for a few hours, and was beginning his search again about 8 a.m., Kubiak said.

Anyone who locates Bear should call the Chicago Police Canine Unit at 312-746-7180, Kubiak said.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WTF ! Performance Standards For Chicago Police

New performance standards for Chicago cops
May 12, 2009 8:45 PM | No Comments
The Chicago Police Department will begin evaluating its officers next year in a new way, examining not only officers' job performance but also their attitudes, ability to adapt and interactions with the public.
The department did away with its evaluation rating system about six years ago after complaints that it was too inconsistent and essentially a "popularity contest," Deputy Supt. of Patrol Daniel Dugan said.

Under the new system, officers will be judged on their accountability and dependability, problem-solving and decision-making, adaptability and responsiveness, communication with others and job knowledge and professional development.

A general order issued recently gave detailed examples. Officers who fail to spot a suspect in a vehicle stop or deal angrily with the public could be tagged with "requires improvement" or "unacceptable" marks. Officers could earn "exceeds expectations" marks for going out of their way to volunteer for extra assignments or for suggesting changes to improve current policies.

Other examples mention officers' attitudes toward department bosses or change -- a tenet sources say was included because of poor morale in the department. Dugan said that though attitude can affect officers' performances, the department is really trying to focus on getting officers to maintain professionalism.

"We're not asking everybody to go out and have a smile on their face every time," Dugan said. "Let's face facts. ... We see the underbelly of life and it has its toll. But we do expect officers to go out there and perform their job."

And while there's no mention of having to make a certain number of arrests or issue a certain number of tickets, officers could be judged for that too, if they're not addressing needs in their districts. As an example, Dugan cited issuing few traffic tickets in an area that has a high number of traffic crashes.

The ratings could have a real impact on officers' careers, even leading to termination for incompetence for the poorest performers.

Dugan said the new evaluation system will make evaluations fairer.

"Now the officers have some type of guidelines on what's expected of them and they'll know exactly what it is they're going to be evaluated for," Dugan said.

Dennis J. Kenney, a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said few departments create comprehensive performance evaluations because they find it difficult to define exactly what makes a good police officer. Though he applauded Chicago's effort, he said the department should be careful not to hold all officers -- from rookies to veterans -- to the same standard.

"Part of the problem with the sort of subject evaluation is the supervisors who are doing the evaluation see far too little of the officer to actually know what they do," Kenney said.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sad Day In Iraq For Our Troops

BAGHDAD (May 11) - A U.S. soldier opened fire on fellow troops and at least five were killed Monday, the Pentagon and U.S. Command said.
It was unclear if the shooter was among the dead in the shooting, which the U.S. Command said in a brief statement occurred about 2 p.m. at Camp Liberty near Baghdad International Airport.
Pentagon officials first indicated that an Army soldier shot the others and then turned the gun on himself. Later, the officials said it was unclear whether the shooter was among the five dead.
They spoke on condition of anonymity because the issue is sensitive and details unclear.
There have been several incidents recently when gunmen dressed as Iraqi soldiers have opened fire on American troops, including an attack in the northern city of Mosul on May 2 when two soldiers and the gunman were killed.
The toll from the Monday shooting was the highest for U.S. personnel in a single attack since April 10, when a suicide truck driver killed five American soldiers with a blast near a police headquarters in Mosul. The U.S. death toll in April was 19, the highest in seven months, amid an upsurge of violence in Iraq.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Tshirt To Impress The Ladies !

Yes this is a new tshirt design I guess for the not so well endowed man

Friday, May 8, 2009

Obama's Spending Cuts Include Slain Police Officers Families

"What we're trying to do is reorient government activity toward things that work," said White House Budget Director Peter Orszag.

Obama proposed:

• Ending $26 billion in oil and gas industry tax breaks, which he called "unjustifiable loopholes" in the tax system that other industries do not get.

• Slashing almost in half a benefits program for the families of slain police and safety officers from $110 million to $60 million.

• Eliminating federal support for a $35 million-a-year radio-based marine navigation system rendered obsolete by the satellite-based Global Positioning System.

• Doing away with a $142 million program to help states pay to clean up abandoned mines.

• Abolishing an Education Department attache's post in Paris, at a savings of $632,000 per year.

He proposed:

• Plowing $2 billion more into merit-based teacher pay to help failing schools turn around. He would spend $370 million on a successor to the Reading First literacy program, a key element of Bush's No Child Left Behind law.

• Spending an additional $584 million for pandemic flu efforts, on top of the $1.5 billion in emergency money for 2009 that he asked Congress for in the wake of the swine flu outbreak.

• Increasing child nutrition programs by $1 billion, partly to pay for a 20 percent increase in the number of food inspectors.

• Setting up a $1 billion program to develop or rehabilitate housing for the poor.

Obama proposed more money for the Labor Department to hire about 1,000 new employees, including 670 new investigators and other staffers to enforce safety, health, minimum wage, overtime and other laws.

"Fellow Democrats may well reject some of those revisions, including Obama's proposal to stop paying states and counties that keep illegal immigrants in their jails. He also proposed doing away with Even Start, a $66 million program to promote child literacy that the administration argues is not as effective as other early-childhood education programs like Head Start.

Bush had sought to end both programs — only to be rebuffed by the Democratic Congress.

Despite redoubling its efforts to portray itself as tough on waste and spending, the administration and Congress have taken the nation on a steady course of higher federal spending. In rapid succession has come passage of a $787 billion economic recovery bill, a $410 billion omnibus appropriations bill and Congress' $3.4 trillion budget for next year, which calls for increases of almost 10 percent over current funding for non-defense agency budgets.

Even as Obama spoke, a key House panel was adding about $12 billion to his war-spending request.

Many items in the budget are about more than money.

It affirms the administration's prohibition on so-called warrantless wiretapping — the Bush administration electronic surveillance program.

And it would provide $197 million to find an alternative to the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste project in Nevada, another setback to the nuclear power industry from the administration — but a welcome gesture to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has long sought to block the project 90 miles from Las Vegas.

Obama is claiming savings from eliminating a host of accounts typically earmarked by members of Congress such as a $10 million West Virginia highway project obtained by Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., and $15 million obtained by Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., for diesel emissions reduction grants.

In fact, some of the cuts, like terminating production of C-17 cargo aircraft and phasing out direct payments to farmers with sales exceeding $500,000 annually, have already been rejected by Obama's allies in Congress.

About half the budget savings would come from an effort by Defense Secretary Robert Gates to curb military programs, including ending production of the F-22 fighter and killing a much-maligned replacement helicopter fleet for the president that's way over budget.

Unbelievable but ACORN is getting billions of taxpayer money .Didn't Barry want to create more jobs with roadway construction and he's eliminating 10 million for Virgina's highway project .Hes says one thing and does another. He cutting 50 million for the families of slain police officers men & women who made the ultimate sacrifice

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mommy Dearest Mothers Day

With mothers day approaching I wish I had a mother to talk to shop or just hang out with but with my mothers mental illness (bipolar) after 30+ years as her daughter I have no love for her. She was physically and verbally abusive to her children instead of nurturing & caring she was narcissistic we were a burden. Her days were filled with soap operas and sitting on the couch and ignoring her children I believe
she thought that life should be like those soap operas. My father could have divorced her but he told us back then he wouldn't have been able to get custody she was our primary caregiver my father worked to jobs and was an alcoholic. They did separate for a few weeks only to get back together and my dad quit drinking. So it was back to the same old stuff I never bonded with my mother I don't feel love for her like I do the rest of my family you know why because she has never gotten help. I look at her with disdain and my father coped out by not doing something about it. A childs emotional welfare is just as important as physical health .

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8 - Home Sweet Home part 3

She treat him like one of the children on numerous episodes she has slapped him . I would hate to see what happens when the camera is off if this is how she acts on the show . He needs to be a man and get some balls he look slike hes terrified of her.

Here comes another Jon Gosselin cheating rumor - the Jon and Kate Plus 8 reality dad has been caught cheating on his wife, according to Us Weekly’s cover story.

But is there any truth to the latest Jon Gosselin cheating gossip?

Us Weekly is claiming that Jon Gosselin was leaving Wernerville, Pennsylvania’s Legends Lounge at 2 a.m. with a woman… and not Kate! Gosselin was overheard saying, “Hey, babe! Babe! Give me my jacket!” Onlookers noticed that Gosselin was so drunk he “could barely walk.”

And the photograph of Jon snapped with another woman doesn’t help.

Blago Pardoned Tax Cheat After Campaign Contributions

Anan Abu-Taleb can thank ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich for the fact that he's no longer viewed by the State of Illinois as a tax cheat.

In a little-noticed move in December 2006, Blagojevich pardoned the successful Oak Park restaurateur for an old tax-fraud conviction. And the now-impeached governor took the additional step of forever wiping that blemish from Abu-Taleb's record.

Rod Blagojevich (left), as governor in 2006, not only pardoned Anan Abu-Taleb -- whose cousin's law firm was a contributor -- he wiped the record clean.

While Abu-Taleb successfully maneuvered through the state's byzantine clemency process, as many as 20 others who were exonerated of crimes failed to persuade Blagojevich to clear their records.

Something else sets Abu-Taleb apart from those others: the campaign contributions that rolled in to Blagojevich from a powerful Chicago law firm run, in part, by an Abu-Taleb relative who was a character witness in the clemency case.

Between 2002 and 2007, the law firm of Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw gave Blagojevich more than $207,000 -- including $25,000 in 2006, the year Blagojevich granted Abu-Taleb clemency. John Gearen -- Abu-Taleb's cousin by marriage -- is a longtime partner at the firm.

Rieck & Crotty, which represented Abu-Taleb, gave a total of $23,541 more to Blagojevich, though that was in 2001 and 2002, before the firm took on the clemency case.

Attorney James Montana, who also represented Abu-Taleb, says the campaign contributions played no role in Abu-Taleb's "appropriately granted" clemency bid, noting his client never personally gave to Blagojevich and that it took two years for the ex-governor to act after the pardon case was first presented.
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