Monday, January 19, 2009

Disgusting .......But true ......

This is a was in the comment section of SCC
Off topic, but we just wanted to take a moment to thank R A, for all her hard work. Over the last year we saw you put in 75 or 80 hardworking days here at A/4 Rh a. You may not have been appreciated in SOS or Narcotics, but we saw the depth of your dedication. You didn't think we forgot about the time you helped process that in-custody robbery offender, did you? We sometimes heard you comment how much you disliked Superintendent Weis. So we really admire your sense of duty going to work in the Office of the Superintendent. We know you don't want to be there, we know you don't want weekends off or the take home car, but you're making this sacrifice for the department and the Memorial Foundation. We all admire and respect that. In honor of your sacrifice, we'll gladly pick up your share of the handouts and other B.S. around here. We're only short about 20 detectives; what's another one? So good luck in Jody's office kid; you busted your ass here in the "D" for a whole year, showed us you are a top notch detective, and deserve good things. Best of luck organizing "the run" and all the other social events you'll be getting D2A pay to plan for the other folks with weekend day-off groups and take-home cars.

The only thing we ask is that when you get your next meritorious promotion please do not come back to the detective division. Do a few months in 018 or 001 and then head back to 35th Street. It's nothing personal, you've shown us you're a top shelf detective. We just need people to come to work more than three days a week and do some work when they're here.

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Prostitution is the act of performing sexual activity in exchange for money or goods

Sos given squad car didn't even have to show up @ Homan Sq called in hours
OCD detailed from there to the academy (while other po's doing buys risking their lives ) taking up a spot from someone who deserve's to be there

But what a nice resume without doing a lick of work

You might have Cline & Weis fooled but not everyone else you've worked with We know what your about .....