Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Woman Handcuffs & Bites Ex-Husband

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (March 24) - A woman attempting to reconcile with her estranged husband handcuffed herself to him as he slept and then bit him on his torso and arms as he phoned for help, police said.
Helen Sun, 37, told police she wanted to have a conversation with Robert Drawbaugh without him leaving. She changed the locks on their bedroom door and, while he was sleeping Monday, handcuffed herself to him, authorities said.

Drawbaugh was able to dial 911 from his cell phone. Nearly out of breath, he told dispatchers he woke up handcuffed, was still bound to his wife and was holding her down, according to a recording released by police.
Dispatchers heard Drawbaugh scream in agony, apparently as his wife bit him.
"Owwww!" Drawbaugh shouted repeatedly. "Are they almost here? Oh God. I need help!"
Asked by dispatchers why his wife was attacking him, Drawbaugh said he divorced her. He also said she has a history of violence.
Yikes see if your spouse asks you for a divorce just go with it. She was trying to
reconcile with him ,well biting & handcuffing him just inforced his reason why he divorced you .

Pregnant Man : No Such Thing Right ? Not According To The Media

(March 23) - A Spanish transexual man is expected to give birth to twins at the end of September.
Ruben Noe Coronado, 25, plans to marry partner Esperanza Ruiz, 43, before the babies arrive, the Daily Mail of London reported. The couple live in Barcelona.
Coronado put his sex change surgery on hold to go through fertility treatment using donor sperm when his partner learned she couldn't have any more children. Ruiz is already a mother of two.
"It's like being born with three hands. You take advantage of them while you have them and you get rid of one of them when they get in the way," Coronado said of his female reproductive organs, the Mail reported.
Coronado, who was born a female named Stephanie, plans to continue his sex change operations after the babies are born.
He said he wouldn't sell his story "to protect my children," but went public "so people start to see transexual pregnancy as normal."
"But I am thinking of selling the picture everyone's going to want of me looking pregnant. If I don't do it, someone else will and they'll make a fortune," the Mail reported.
Last June, American Thomas Beatie caught the world's attention when he gave birth to a daughter. Beatie is now pregnant with a second child and due this summer. Take a look at photos of Beatie and his family below.
I was watching TLC and they had a special on the "pregnant man" Thomas Beatie. He has gotten attention from all over the world and even appeared on Oprah. The media has dubbed him the "pregnant man" like its some sort of a miracle giving birth.
It would be if he had a penis but that's not case he was born a woman. Now we have this other woman I'm sorry transsexual man that going to give birth and its in the news ! Why all the sudden a woman giving birth is extraordinary all because he has facial hair and lives like man ?


Daley apologizes for hiring fraud

Repeatedly declining to answer questions from reporters, Mayor Richard Daley this morning read a statement expressing regret for the hiring fraud scandal in his administration.

A day after a federal jury convicted his former Streets and Sanitation commissioner of corruption charges, the mayor read from the statement at a news conference.

"I want to say to the people of Chicago that I understand this is a disappointment," Daley said.

He said he knew the conviction does not reflect well on the city or his administration.

"For that, I am sorry," Daley said

this is from : cloutstreet.com
I do not accept the Mayors apology he is the worst corrupter of this city . Why has the Mayor been untouchable for all these years ? It all started with his corrupt father.