Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mommy Dearest Mothers Day

With mothers day approaching I wish I had a mother to talk to shop or just hang out with but with my mothers mental illness (bipolar) after 30+ years as her daughter I have no love for her. She was physically and verbally abusive to her children instead of nurturing & caring she was narcissistic we were a burden. Her days were filled with soap operas and sitting on the couch and ignoring her children I believe
she thought that life should be like those soap operas. My father could have divorced her but he told us back then he wouldn't have been able to get custody she was our primary caregiver my father worked to jobs and was an alcoholic. They did separate for a few weeks only to get back together and my dad quit drinking. So it was back to the same old stuff I never bonded with my mother I don't feel love for her like I do the rest of my family you know why because she has never gotten help. I look at her with disdain and my father coped out by not doing something about it. A childs emotional welfare is just as important as physical health .