Tuesday, February 24, 2009


At least five Chicago Police employees violated rules and regulations when a 14-year-old police impersonator went on patrol in January on the South Side, officials said today.

Police have completed their internal investigation into the security breach, said Tina Skahill, chief of the Internal Affairs Division. The department will not make its findings public until Supt. Jody Weis reviews them.

“We did find evidence that department members — at least five — violated department rules and regulations,” Skahill said.

No recommendations for discipline have been sent up the chain of command yet, Skahill said.

Investigators reviewed surveillance video and interviewed witnesses in their probe of the breach.

Likely discipline could range from reprimands to suspensions.


Bitch 2 :
I talked to few people that worked with the gooofy broad and she shouldn't be the police. It's another example of the "New CPD" they have no common sense. How do you work with a 14yr old for 5 hours and don't think something might be wrong ? Not only that she's another Black eye for women on this job . Just another stupid Broad
Don't get me wrong but yes the Sgt. or Lt. should have caught it but she was with him for FIVE HOURS
This whole incident was an embarressment