Sunday, June 28, 2009

From Comment Section : More Black Males Get Shot By Police Than PIGS Get Shot By People

Anonymous said...
When are you going to create a memorial for people who got shot by police? I mean more people (black males what a coincidence)get shot by CPD each year than pigs get shot by people.

Your an idiot !

SCC stats :

Ok Scc....Here are the totals for the city in Agg Batts with ONLY handguns for the periods of 19 June-26 full week....I have 108 persons shot and 7 homicides.....That is what I counted off of my blackberry...Bring on the Olympics!!! Zone 8 was like a frigging war zone last night (25 June) there were 4 persons shot in something like 5 mins....and the calls of man w/gun or shots fired were unbelievable!!! I am telling you....108 shot in a do the math as far as how many per day , hour etc.....We live in a war zone...

Thanks To The Retirees For Making The 1968 Reunion A Success

The 1968 convention reunion was a success thanks to the retirees. Some of these guys haven't seen each other in years .Retired policeman from flew in from Florida, Utah & Hawaii . Phil Cline gave a nice speech about the importance of The Chicago Police Memorial Fund which the proceeds were donated too.

Since Chicago Cop watch held the press conference we actually sold more tickets than expected 160 attended the reunion .They did not succeed in disrupting the reunion thanks to the men & women of the 12 dist that had to babysit the 50 or 60 protesters