Friday, May 15, 2009

4 American's Murdered In Tijuana

4 Americans Strangled in MexicoAP
posted: 5 HOURS 46 MINUTES AGOcomments: 528filed under: National News, World NewsPrintShareText SizeAAATIJUANA, Mexico (May 15) — The bodies of four U.S. citizens were found strangled, beaten and stabbed in a van in this border city, two days after they reportedly left their Southern California homes for a night at the Mexican clubs, U.S. officials said Thursday.
The victims, ages 19 to 23 years old, were found tied up on Saturday, but their deaths were not reported earlier because they were under investigation, said Fermin Gomez, an assistant state prosecutor in Baja California.
U.S. consular officials in Tijuana said the victims — two men and two women from the San Diego and Chula Vista areas — were U.S. citizens. The state attorney general's office in Baja California said one of the women was Mexican.
Their deaths are the latest in a string of violence in Tijuana that authorities blame on a bloody turf war between drug cartels.
"I just don't think kids should be going to Tijuana right now," Chula Vista police Lt. Scott Arsenault told the San Diego Union-Tribune. "They ran into the wrong people, obviously."
Bernard Gonzales, a spokesman for the Chula Vista Police Department, said a friend told the women's parents they were headed to nightclubs in Tijuana on Thursday night. They were reported missing the next day when they did not answer their cell phones.
_______________________________________________The Houston Chronicle recently ran a piece entitled Caught in the Chaos [By Lise Olsen, February 8, 2009]. It reported that "More than 200 U.S. citizens have been slain in Mexico’s escalating wave of violence since 2004—an average of nearly one killing a week…" and that " More U.S. citizens suffered unnatural deaths in Mexico than in any other foreign country—excluding military killed in combat zones—from 2004 to 2007, State Department statistics show." (There are also 75 Americans missing in Mexico).

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