Sunday, November 2, 2008

Brass Tacks

Let's get down to them.............The riots, are upon us in Chicago, (or so we hear). We both (females) have been through the Bulls Riots. We know what a riot, mayhem, shitheads acting like shitheads are all about. And all we can say is God help us.

We HOPE the news covers whatever happens there out on the streets FAIRLY. We hope they show what the savage is all about. I doubt if the news vans will venture into the boundaries of reality and surreal. It is way far out of their scope. We hope coppers will take camera's, cellphone's and camera's with them to show what the animal is all about.

Did you ever find yourself in the middle of a gathering and start talking about what you have witnessed, experienced, and felt on the street, and be stared back at with a blank look of disbelief??? I know we have....................... It is a look as if we were lying... When we are speaking nothing but the truth. It amazes us that most civilians do not understand the streets, and truly live in lala land.

It is our jobs not ownly to protect and serve, but also educate in a very subtle way what goes on out there day to day. Otherwise they will never know.. Truly it breaks my heart, that those fine citizens dont get it. It will break more then my heart MORE if they vote for Barack HUSSEIN Obama. They don' t know the true story. But if they vote that way they wlll learn at the expensive of us all. And it will be far too late.

They don't know the savages the way the police does. They don't truly know what the savage can do in an instant. You CANT reason with a savage. You cant talk them out of a bad deed. They have no souls.

So on the Eve of one of th largesta and most monumental moments in our lifetime, pray for the officers that will be defending your home, your neighborhood and your life. Your are going to need them. Civilians futures and OUR futures depends on this. Thank an Officer when you see them, because we are the ones that keep the animal from climbing through your window at night.

God Bless every Officer that protects this city this week. After this, they will have all earned the title of "HERO". This is going to be one hell of a week.......

Be safe out there boys and girls.

hugsss and much love,

Bitches In Blue


Rue St. Michel said...

Thank God the animals mostly kept it on the down-low. It's true that the gas teams sprayed down some crowds in 015 & 025 but for the most part it wasn't anywhere near the chaos that the Bulls riots were.

I'm adding you to my blogroll. Welcome to my RightWing Deathsquad!



Bitches In Blue said...

We LOVE being on you DEATHSQUAD.............. RIGHT IS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!