Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Bullshit lawsuit against the CPD

The truck driver who plowed into a Red Line station in Chinatown last April, killing two people and injuring 21 others, suffered a "medical condition" just before the crash, a federal lawsuit filed by the truck driver's family alleged.

The lawsuit filed by Donald Wells' wife, Ann Darlene Wells of Metamora, Mich., alleges that Chicago police ignored pleas by family members for medical treatment for Wells, who was "talking incoherently . . . and otherwise behaving abnormally" during the 48 hours he was in police custody.

Chicago Fire Department personnel work to tow away a tractor-trailer which rammed into the Red Line elevated train stop in Chinatown on Cermak Road, Friday, April 25, 2008.
Wells, 64, who was suffering "from a mental condition and...experiencing severe physical and psychiatric ailments" while in police custody, died of pneumonia and multiple organ failure in June, the lawsuit said. The suit alleged that police indifference to Wells' medical condition contributed to his death. The suit names the City of Chicago and numerous police officers as defendants.

The Tribune reported at the time of the crash that Wells was taken to Stroger Hospital immediately, but he refused treatment in part because he had no health insurance. Wells had inexplicably missed a scheduled pickup in Champaign before the crash.

This guy refused treatment at the hospital and now like always it the CPD's fault.
He caused the accident and now he wants the city to pay him . Heres the kicker you know the city will settle with this jagoff and give him thousands of taxpayer money even though the police were not at fault

Blame yourself not the police


Cpdcoppurr said...

Ghetto Lottery is spreading, into other states. Screw up, show up in Chicago, and do a misdeed and the City will pay you out........... Amazing........

This guy had mental issue's that were severe, and he was driving a truck???????Come on now....... Back in the day anyone could drive a truck, but now a days, the laws are "a little" more stringent.........

The family deserves NOTHING......... He killed people..........End of story, they should be paying the family. PERIOD

fuzzys dad said...

This is pure bull shit for sure!

Hogday said...

Judas H Priest! Now I know why my Harley Davidson owners manual is full of lawyer crap like, "Failing to change a lightbulb correctly could result in light failure which could result in not being seen which could result in death or serious injury". [PS. My other specialist subject is `the f```ing obvious`]

We need a lawyer bullshit overseer and reality implementation department (there's a lawyerspeak fancy title for you. They'd love that on their oversized business card) that detects this drain on our society and rids the world of these legalpimps who stand up in courts of law coming out with such mitigation dross as, `My client only has such a bad record because the police keep arresting him` drivel. Anyone who falls for this shit to be incarcerated in Gullible Central Department of Reality.

Oh shit, I think I'm becoming a survivalist.

Anonymous said...

Love these jerkoffs who cant read *sigh* The truck driver died because they did not treat him when they should have. It is quite obvious that all of you must understand at the snap of your fingers a mental issue can occur,because you are living proof lol. I know this is years old,but makes me sick when people ASSume shit. Dumb f*ck knuckles :-)