Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Attractiveness of Being A female Alcoholic

Women Alcoholics Have More Physical, Mental Problems than Males

A new study shows that women alcoholics suffer more physical, mental and social problems than male alcoholics, the Associated Press reported.

The 18-month study by researchers at the University of Michigan and Washington University looked at 444 people from St. Louis, Mo., who had been diagnosed as alcoholics.

The study found that 52 percent of female alcoholics reported disruption of regular activities because of physical health problems, compared with 23 percent of men.
In addition, 66 percent of women drinkers said that physical or emotional problems interfered with normal social activity, compared with 27 percent of men.
The study also showed that 28 percent of women alcoholics said they reduced time on regular activities because of emotional problems, compared with 7 percent of men.
“The women alcoholics were much more likely to report having depression, and having depression that interfered with their daily lives,” said Kyle L. Grazier, a professor at the Michigan School of Public Health who co-authored the study with Kathleen Bucholz of Washington University.

Dr. Barbara Dickie, associate professor at Harvard Medical School, theorized that the difference between men’s bodies and women’s bodies is connected to the way they react differently to alcoholism.

“When you talk about having too much to drink, it has to do with body weight and metabolism. Women metabolize alcohol differently,” Dickie said.

The study also revealed similarities between both sexes. According to Grazier, both men and women alcoholics were just as likely to stay in bed all day because of the addiction.
Bitch 2:
Back in the day an old timer told me "There is nothing worse than a drunk woman"
meaning that its unattractive and as you know when people get intoxicated they do things they wouldn't do when their sober. He was a recovering alcholic and the stories he told and the things he did were anything but attractive . That statement he made does make you think how as a woman you act if you had to much to drink. I remember when I was a teenager and being at my friends house and her mother was so drunk she fell over the coffee table. My friend had to help her off the floor an onto the couch. So embarrassing for her teenage daughter, who also is now an alcholic and just broke her wrist from an alchohol related injury . What if you awoke to your wife laying next to you and she was so drunk she pissed on herself .
Thats attractive waking up in your wife or girlfirends urine soaked matress
I want every woman to step back and take a look at how they act when they are drunk
The dancing, swearing, puking,fighting and the guy and took home.
Its not attractive !!!


Ky Long Rider said...

Great blog. It's substanitive and addresses an issue that is all to frequently swept under the rug.
Good job on the research.

kateykakes said...

I was never a drinker. Even back in the day when my friends were into partying, it just wasn't my thing. I'm not saying that I didn't go out to clubs every now and then, but I always knew my limit and 9x out of 10 I was the DD, which was fine with me. We got home safe and I didn't have to drink to have a good time.

What irks me to no end is one of my best friends drinks like a fish and it shows. I've stepped in so many times, but she doesn't want help. I love her to to death - she's like a sister to me - but it's hard to help others when they don't want to help themselves.

Any advice?

fuzzys dad said...

Great post. As a rocovering alcoholic I know the problems drinking causes.

Your friend will have to want to stop and will have to want help.

kateykakes said...

fuzzy's dad,

Thank you. I appreciate your advice.

Be safe.