Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mrs. Obama Talks Like A White Girl

WASHINGTON--First Lady Michelle Obama visited a high school here Thursday, talking about her start in life on Chicago's South Side--never stepped foot at the University of Chicago because it "had nothing" to do with her-- and how she was told "you talk like a white girl" while growing up.

Mrs. Obama's visit was one of several her office coordinated on Thursday--drawing in female role models, including some celebrities-- as part of her National Women's History Month outreach to girls, to her new city, and her drive to make the White House more accessible.

Surprising 13 students at Southeast Washington's Anacostia High School,

She told them it's National Women's History Month, her background, her upbringing on the South Side of Chicago, working class family. She said she lived near the University of Chicago, but never set foot inside when she was growing up. "It was a fancy college, it had nothing to do with me."

".......She told the kids, don't worry about what your friends say, or teachers who don't think you can do something. "Work hard, do your best."

She said: "I wanted an A, I wanted to be the person who had the right answers. People said, you talk like a white girl - I don't know what that means."
Mrs. Obama doesn't know what talking like a white girl means let me explain.
You don't talk like a ghetto rat.

Bitch1 says.................... PUHLEASE............... She talks like a white girl??? You are kidding me, that is like saying Oprah talks like a white girl. Did anyone every watch Okrah when she has on a white guest compared to a black guest???? She talks white when it serves her purpose, and then she goes to total hood rat ghetto ease when she is speaking to her brotha and sistah hoodrats...........

This is all a game folks, all of it. They are dopplegangers, morphing into what ever persona that fits them, so they can sell their shit, sell their movies, sell the presidency of the United States of America........

I read something on AOL the other day that infuriated me........ How AOL used old advertisements that they called racists. They used things that would seem racist NOW, compared to the social norm back then, when these advertisements were made. They said in the commentary under the picture that, they put the blackman down because they said in the advertisements that they made blacks stupid and sound illiterate.......... UMMMMMM excuse me................ Have you ever stopped a black person on the west or southside of chicago and talk to the inhabitants?????? They completely speak another language. That is by choice, not because they or we are racist........They relish in the fact that they speak the way they do. Listen to rap music and listen to Nickleback. What makes me nuts is, is when white kids try to dummy down and speak like black people. It is ignorant no matter if they are black or white......................Teach your children well.

Back in the day NEGRO and NIGGER were common words that the blacks themselves used and still used by them. It is off limits to us. How many times have you heard them use the N word, but God forbid we use the N word, it is racist. Double standards as usual.

Don't give me this shit that Michelle Obama didnt go to the hallowed halls of UofC..... She went to Princeton........ Hubby went to Harvard........ Read the link below and tell me if it is racist............... It isn't it was the sign of the times. What people were called. I am going to start calling my self a WHITE AMERICAN. Kinda like African American and see who it offends. I suggest you all do the same. Next month they won't want to be called African Americans. They might change it to African Blood Americans............Gawd only knows............


Red said...

Oh stewardess, I speak 'jive'.

Cpdcoppurr said...

i wonder if she spoke black in Princeton???? Growing up on the southside, you don't change how you speak. You morph when you leave the southside to fit in with the rest of the world and out of being a hood rat.... she is full of shit.

Cpdcoppurr said...

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fuzzys dad said...

You are so right.

Cpdcoppurr said...

Here is Michelle Obama talking NOT LIKE A WHITE GIRL in a school room full of black kids.