Tuesday, June 16, 2009

OH Chicago Cop Watch Is Going To Protest The Reunion

Marching on the 1968 Chicago Riot Cop Reunion
seriously, riot cops from the DNC are gonna have a party
DescriptionThe Chicago lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police (the cop union that thinks of itself like the Masons) will be hosting a 1968 Riot Cop Reunion. Officers who cracked heads at the Democratic Convention (and at the Division Street riots of 1966, and possibly murdered Black Panthers Fred Hampton and Mark Clark) will be hobnobbing with today's police who are still occupying our communities and phalanxing our rallies.

We're organizing hundreds of Chicagoans to rally and march, to speak from personal experience about violence of the Chicago police in the 1960s, as well as their violence today. We will be marching to the FOP lodge, and have filed for a permit to see if we can't make it a bit safer for everyone attending (although we will rally and march, permit or none).

Bring your friends, make effigies and dolls of riot police, and help us let these cops who celebrate their sadistic violence know: We can't forgit, because we're still livin it!

This is so silly so some retired cops are going to have a get together and you want to protest it . I saw a link to my site on your face book page . How about protesting the GANG VIOLENCE THAT PLAGUE'S THIS CITY thats sadistic violence . Cant wait to see the dolls you make


Anonymous said...

too bad you have nothing else to do other than protest a reunion! They aren't celebrating violence. If you want to protest violence, why don't you protest the bud billiken parade, where most of the organizers and participants are gang-related.

Tenderfoot said...

So you have those a**holes too!

Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer said...

Just think of it as a reunion of protesters during '68 & '69 being MC'ed by Chicago Copwatch.

Anonymous said...

The Bud Billiken's organizers worked for the Defender News Paper you idiot...It originated to encourage the youth to go back to school stupid...Jesse White's tumblers are not gang related...they were saved from gangs...South Shore Drill team is saved FROM Gangs...your fear feeds your falsehoods and parents from affluent families in the African-American community have financed the balls for queens and kings of the parade and they made floats and have participated for generations...Cops are in denial that they murdered Mark Clark and Fred Hampton...Yes, MURDERED...read the documents and assess for yourself...all cops are not bad, but rotten apples spoil the bunch and it's a shame you would revert to racism to promote your undignified response...worm