Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This Is Crazy ! Is There A Dr. In The House

The Chicago Police Department has been charged with the task of keeping the peace. But many officers on the Force have a warped perception of what this responsibility truly entails.

The CPD has made this clear on several occasions, none more memorable than the crack-down at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, which was classified by the Walker Report as a “police riot.” But, instead of learning from the tragedies that accompanied the demonstration, the police have chosen to celebrate this cycle of violence.

We demand the Office of the Mayor publicly condemn this event, both out of respect for the lives that were ruthlessly stolen by the CPD during this contemptuous time and to ensure the safety of Chicago’s residents.

Chicago is currently bidding to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. But how can a police department that believes brute force is an acceptable and effective form of crowd control manage the revelry and disorder around an international athletic event?

Ultimately, it can’t. We saw this at the DNC and at the anti-war march on March 20, 2003. In both cases, the officers charged with keeping the peace were actually the purveyors of violence.

This is not surprising, given the mantras they preach. To this day, they portray the brutal events of 1968 and 1969 as a heroic “stand against anarchy” in the name of “public order.” They create a militaristic dichotomy between “Marxist street thugs” and “a thin blue line of dedicated, tough Chicago police officers.”*

This mentality must change. To mend Chicago’s dismal reputation, we urge you to make an official statement condemning this reunion and the abuse of police power.


Chicago Copwatch

Your a liar I was at the March 2003 it was peaceful ! So stop the non-sense .You need to change : The convention was 40 years ago How about you get this mad over the six people that were shot this weekend . END THE GANG VIOLENCE NOW THATS A GOOD CAUSE

Are you ready for these thugs to be back on the streets? You were referring to Ofc. Barnes
ofc. Powers & Sgt Planey .YOUR THE WARPED PERSON


Cpdcoppurr said...

Chicagocopwatch morons..............

Please before you post such a stupid, insipid, vapid letter, you should learn your history and your facts............

Chicago Police kept that city from burning to the ground during the riots that the YIPPIES STARTED..........

Feces, urine, spit, punches thrown from the YIPPIES on the Police.........

The Police kept the piece you asshat. Police work isn't fun, it isn't delicate, it isn't always peaceful. It is as violent as the OFFENDER makes it. The OFFENDERS in the 68 riot's were the scum that swarmed the streets and took on the POLICE.............

Lives ruthless stolen you say??????

How about all the lives of Police Officers around the world being stolen from them when they take a bullet for people they don't know??? How about that you ignorant bleeding heart liberal. Next time your ass gets in a game call your local crack head asswipe.... I am sure he will be johnny on the spot running to your rescue. Geeze you really are dumber then you sound.

Oh let's talk about the 2003 DNC............ I was there throughout, and you know what fucktard, NOT ONE ARREST......... Get your facts straight. It was all over the news. Not one incident, not one arrest..... You are such a lying little bitch I am sure your mother doesn't want a phone call from you on mothers day. You are a disgrace.

Why don't you do something constructive in your life???

As for you standing against public anarchy and keeping public order you bet ya.......... Otherwise the barbarians would be in your house, fucking you in the ass, and robbing you blind. I have said it time and time again, take the police off the streets for a week, your whiney little ass would be screaming MOMMA from your roof while the savages are in your home. You would look like a Katrina victim sitting on that roof with a sign that says, HELP ME, SAVE ME............... I would love to be there to see that.

Find a new cause your 15 minutes of fame are up............ You are nothing but a police stalker, running around with a scanner and a camera. All Chicago Police should get a restraining order against your ass, for harrassment.

Loser grow up and get a fucking life.

Oh by the way.......See you at the celebration!!!!! First soda pop is on me Spencer Thayer, can't wait to see the reception you get when you walk in the door.

Phil Schitz here said...

Hey Bitches!

I tried to communicate with Cop Watch. They never responded.

I believe the guy runnning Cop Watch is an angry and depressed person who is incapable of thinking clearly.

I'm not being sarcastic or silly. Just truthful.

Anonymous said...

"Oh let's talk about the 2003 DNC I was there throughout, and you know what fucktard, NOT ONE ARREST"

Umm this is blatantly a lie, there was no DNC in 2003and not in Chicago. we are talking about when the US started there attack on Iraq and thousands of people flooded the streets and over 900 were arrested and beaten even some tourists. Between your lies and 3rd grade insults I just wonder how these people on here can have respect for you. But then i read what they write and ding it hits, racist fascist pigs don't care about truth that is why they hide behind childish insults like there racist fascist idols Limbaugh, O'Reilly, or Savage.

Old NFO said...

Sorry to hear yet another slam against the Thin Blue Line... SOME of us appeciate what you do!

USA_Admiral said...

It makes you wonder if it just stupidity or delusional.

fuzzys dad said...

the copwatch group I would say stupid and delusional

Marxist Nutball said...

Firstly, please don't come down too hard on Spencer. We are not a one man operation, we have over seventy trained activists (all volunteer, no funding) and a large support base in several communities. Most of the work done and literature written is not done or written by Spencer, and anyone of us could disappear and we would remain as strong. To paraphrase: You can jail a Copwatcher, but you can't jail Copwatch.

We don't seek 15 minutes of fame. We don't seek glory. Most of our work is quiet, behind the scenes and in the streets. And we believe that our organizing does more to curb violence between youths in gangs or other enterprises than police violence (or officers like Joseph Miedzianowski) could ever do.

For a fuller understanding of many of us: We are sick and tired of the violence, harassment and occupation of our communities, be they by gangs or police. But whereas police are supposedly (and I'm afraid my life and analysis both say differently) here to protect us from gangs, who protects us from you?

It's like what cops always say to civilians "Well, if you're not doing anything wrong, you shouldn't have anything to worry about."