Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bruno- The Worst

We won free tickets to see Bruno at Hollywood Blvd theater. This theater has big comfy chairs and you can drink alcohol & eat food while watching the movie .Thank God they serve alcohol because this movie was bad

Bruno is a gay Austrian who wants to become famous the movie starts out with him and his Asian boyfriend having sex in many different ways and it just gets worse from there. The highlight was Bruno's penis swinging back and forth and up & down. Yeah a real penis. He tries different ways to get famous he adopts a black child from Africa tries to become straight tries to get kidnapped by terrorists and at the end he become famous by kissing his assistant in wrestling ring and it broadcast worldwide . This is one of the worst movies of all time in my opinion .Im giving it a thumbs down


John M. Wills said...

Hollywood is a cesspool.

Cpdcoppurr said...

Another display of what America is coming too. It is like John said a cesspool where anything goes. It is hurting our children in the long run. They believe this stuff is real, they think it is normal behaviour, they think it is funny.

We have to bring back MORALS and GOD in our schools, at home and in our movies.


Hogday said...

This bloke started out in the UK as a fringe comic and was quite funny when he started out. I like a good laugh. I won't watch this and I only managed 20 minutes of his previous effort. As for Russell Brand, WTF? wouldn't even use him for target practice - waste of good ammo.