Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Woman Handcuffs & Bites Ex-Husband

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (March 24) - A woman attempting to reconcile with her estranged husband handcuffed herself to him as he slept and then bit him on his torso and arms as he phoned for help, police said.
Helen Sun, 37, told police she wanted to have a conversation with Robert Drawbaugh without him leaving. She changed the locks on their bedroom door and, while he was sleeping Monday, handcuffed herself to him, authorities said.

Drawbaugh was able to dial 911 from his cell phone. Nearly out of breath, he told dispatchers he woke up handcuffed, was still bound to his wife and was holding her down, according to a recording released by police.
Dispatchers heard Drawbaugh scream in agony, apparently as his wife bit him.
"Owwww!" Drawbaugh shouted repeatedly. "Are they almost here? Oh God. I need help!"
Asked by dispatchers why his wife was attacking him, Drawbaugh said he divorced her. He also said she has a history of violence.
Yikes see if your spouse asks you for a divorce just go with it. She was trying to
reconcile with him ,well biting & handcuffing him just inforced his reason why he divorced you .


Hogday said...

All I can say is, "Cuckoo...Cuckoo".

Ky Long Rider said...

Biting is not foreplay, especially when you're using salt and pepper to season the meat.