Monday, January 12, 2009

Lets talk about sexual harrassment................. We all know it happens. We all know it is real. We all know it is part of the "job" everyday. There are good hardworking policewomen out there, that go out and do the job just as good if not better then the men, but they never get the promotion on merit because it is true merit............ It doesnt happen because they don't get on their knee's or dont spread their legs. There are plenty of women on this job that play the political game. They find who is important and connected and go for the goal. We all know that men think with their cocks. And when any form of pussy crosses their desk they will take it. It just depends how good you are with this and how good you are with giving a blow job, and the wife doesnt find out. There are also men that are single and of rank, that will take advantage of women, and promise them all kinds of promotions as long as you go out with them. If you dont come through with putting up, you are dumped to midnights in a slow district. That is the game here folks. That is what it is all about. Is it fair to us hardworking female coppers that do it for hte love of the job???? Hell fucking no. But it happens everyday, in every unit across not only the Chicago Police Department, but across all law enforcement agencies. Frankly we are tired of it, and we want our day in the sun. We want to be recognized for our TALENT AS GOOD HARDWORKING COPPERS. Not fucking whores to service men. We are sick of the stereotype. We are sick of the females that perpetuate this stereotype by getting on their knee's at every turn, be it at their own homes, at their MARRIED lovers home or at police week in DC.................. STOP it for the sake of those of us that do the job because we love it and are honored to serve and protect. How many female desk sgt's, Lt's and Capt's do you know of that got their because they can suck a banana through a straw??? Plenty......... It is pretty sickening. And frankly we are sick of it....... Do the fucking job. Go out there and just do it damnit............ NOT DO THEM. Do what you are paid to do. That is the most important thing. The love of this job, the commraderie it brings, and the lives you save IS the most important. Getting ahead or "A HEAD" is not the name of the game. WE all talk and know who you are. Don't think we don't because we do. Get a life and get the real meaning of this job. Get off your knees and do the job the way it is suppose to be, as a female cop, who does the same job as a man.

Bitch 2 say's

We are sick of these bosses who think because they have white shirts can talk to us anyway they want , and use their positions to get sexual favors . I had a boss who wouldn't help me out because I wouldn't sleep with him but he helped the 2 women that would in our unit .

The above pictures depicts what he looked like .....NO THANKS


Hogday said...

15 yrs ago I ended up with a bullying pig of a man in my unit. He was of managerial rank. Force policy was quite clear and I followed it. When the unacceptable traits of his behaviour came to the fore I initially had a word in private, told him I found his behaviour and language unacceptable, as did others, and he was to curtail it. I made a written note. He saw this action of mine as some sort of challenge and it degenerated from there. I did all the evidence gathering, followed up with the written warnings, the full policy path to the letter. Finally, I ended up submitting formal discipline papers. Turns out he was a `chiefs favourite` and the whole thing was fudged. I washed my hands and eventually moved on. Did I have the energy to take on the chief? Nope, nor the time. 7 yrs later and the same guy was up on charges of indecently assaulting a female member of the staff. So much for prevention. Surprise surprise, HQ had `lost` all my original paperwork and reports. Fortunately, I had my own copies and handed them over to a trusted friend in IA, although in the end they were never used. How popular that must have made me? Although ultimately only convicted of discipline rather than criminal offences he was, incredibly, only fined and busted one rank, but I felt my previous stance had, in a small way, been vindicated. Imagine the dismay when a few years later he was re-promoted. For this crap to change there has to be willingness at the top, backed up with tough sanctions. No one I know wants a dog-eat-dog environment, but if they'd just nail the bad bastards the message would filter through. Thankfully, most of the dead wood, rank-closing, old boy network has finally retired, but what a trail of damage they've left behind them. Good guys will support you if you do a good job. Its not a gender thing. The best officers I can recall working with were a mix of men and women in equal numbers. Its always for the best if a problem can be fixed quickly and amicably but gather evidence when necessary. Make notes (and don't keep them at work!) Accept no bullshit. Good luck to you.

tired.dispatcher said...

The dispatching center is also a feeding ground for many of these dogs. Rank and file. The can't promise much to us as we are in pretty dead end jobs, but there are some frills and out of town training sessions that do get offered. Manybe many of the old boys network is retiring, they have left a legacy and training that is still being felt. Can only hope eventually it is no more.

copswife said...

How sad.