Monday, January 12, 2009

??? To Police Women

The Chicago Police Department only has 21% listed as females. MOST of us are proud to serve with dignity............ We are not talking about serving a blowjob, a handjob, sex, a drink at a bar or whatever....... With some of you female coppers, why do you disgrace us with the above sentence to get a spot and a job when you are nothing but a common alley whore? I would like to know why you became a CPD officer ?

I know a police woman who's resume looks great . Prior to coming on to CPD she was a bartender at a CPD hangout . She looses a lot of weight and works in a dist. goes to two different units and is detailed to the academy whiles she is in a unit that alot of people want to get into.

So she has taken up spots the 'working" police should have and deserve . Taking spots because she is being dishonorable not only to herself as a woman, but to other hard working cops, male or female that deserve or earned that spot.

Anyone who has been on this job long enough knows why she is taken care of, she is no better than a prositute exchanging sex for spots & promotions. Im sorry We have more respect for a street hooker than her . Another female bragged about Fucking & Sucking herself to the top, she retired as a captain. We guess sex does pay. And trust me folks folks, we are not ugly, out of shape coppers. But we won't sell ourselves for a spot or a promotion. It is disgusting. If we stay as blue shirts then so be it. We know we have always been legit.

There are so many horror stories about so many woman on this job it is sickening . This job hasn't changed since woman came on and do you know why???? It is because of the women mentioned above and the other 90% just like them . Don't they know that all these guys talk shit about them,????? Ladies, get real, do you think you are respected because of your merit or because you give great head? We all hear the whispers no matter how hard you try to not hear them. And lets not forget the Sgt who pole dances and hangs out with gang bangers . She sure is a great role model, for Hustler maybe!!!

You whores on this job have done a disservice to every woman on this job because you have set a lowbrow example, and men think that every woman is like you and we are not. Have some respect for yourself and try some old fashioned police work. Stop making us working female coppers look like trash. It is hard enough going out being a female in a male's job, nevermind the added extra trash you whore's bring to the table.

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Tenderfoot said...

I know what you're talking about. There are some girly girls in my dept. who get by batting eyelashes which doesn't work with me.

Although the off duty gatherings are usually fun.