Monday, January 5, 2009

Where You Naughty Or Nice This Christmas?

Well any of you that know us, you know we are both naughty and nice. We had way to much fun then two female copper's should have. We love our families, our friends, our police family and each other (we mean that dearly NOT queerly). Trust us folks we are 100% All American Boy Loving Girls.
We shared our Christmas with friends and family and totally enjoyed our time with them. Small children, laughing with family members and waiting for Pantie Claus, OOOPPSSS We mean Santa Claus coming down the chimney is always a special treat.
We have been quiet of late, due to our schedules and life. BUT we promise this coming year we will be posting more both Naughty and Nice for our fans and followers.
From our house to your's we wish you ALL a very Happy New Year. Filled with much love, peace and joy.
Peace out,
Bitches In Blue


Cpdcoppurr said...

Merry Christmas you two........... I hope you guys have a New Year filled with much naught and nice!!!

tired.dispatcher said...

Never understood why we had to be one or the other. Never met anyone who was one or the other. At least had the morning off to enjoy the Day of Gluttony with my family and was at work early the next morn for leftovers with my family in blue.

Mosaltov to all

Cst KO said...

I had a great christmas...mine was more nice, I was working christmas eve and christmas day, then we were at my parents so no time for
later laies
Cst KO

Cst KO said...

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Cst KO

Cst KO said...

Opps you are

Tenderfoot said...

Naughty women woo hoo!