Sunday, March 8, 2009


I was excited when you were appointed I thought maybe things might change for the better but it is worse than ever.
All those meetings you had were all smoke & mirrors you were never concerned about our morale.

Why did you even waste our time?

Instead of pressuring the Mayor to find it in the budget to hire more Po's you decide to put a new unit up and take Po's out of the districts knowing we are short on manpower. Oh I'm sorry they are going to hire 200. It's not enough with the promotions & retirees this year .
You already have MSF & TRU use them.
Oh they did find 59 Million to buy 2,000 SUV's over the next 3 years for us .Which will not go to the Po's we always get the sloppy seconds or thirds.

How about thinning out 35Th St . How is it that these guys & gals with 2yrs on go right to 35Th after their probation. How about putting a stipulation of 5 yrs on before you can work @ 35Th st.

What about merit promotions ? Why is it that won't happen unless you have clout. What about all the good police officers that deserve merit but can't get it because they have no clout . The aldermen get to put people they want for merit like the people that donate to their campaigns or help with their fundraising parties. Why should an Alderman have any say in who get promoted?
Weren't you going to take applications for merit ?

Where were you when Mike Mette was in prison it took John Kass not you to get him out only after months of Kass columns about this in justice did you do anything.
Should I start on what you did to Bill Cozzi.

We are the second largest Police dept in this country but you sure as hell wouldnt know it with the crap equipment we have to use & cars.

You have done nothing for us.

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Hogday said...

Judas H! You B's in B certainly have the finest City officials money can buy. Bet you'd trade most of them for some decent kit - one move that would surely benefit the city.