Monday, March 16, 2009

Man Shoots Wife : He Thought She Was A Burglar OOPS

An Elgin man shot his wife in the leg when she apparently startled him as she tried to get into bed early in the morning, police said today.
Torrance Clarke, 39, of the 200 block of Elm Street shot his wife in the upper thigh around 5 a.m. Saturday, according to authorities, who said he told them he thought she was a burglar.

The woman, 42, was taken to a hospital for injuries that were not life threatening. She told police she had left the home before the shooting, authorities said.

Clarke was charged Sunday with reckless discharge of a firearm, a felony, police said.

It must be the police officer in me i don't buy it that this guy thought it was a burglar . I think hes kicking himself that the placement of the shot wasn't in the chest area or head.


fuzzys dad said...

I hear you. As a former correctional officer. My B.S.alarm sounded.

Hogday said...

Bitch 2 and Fuzzy's dad: How is it I made that self same assumption before I even read your comments? Methinks he thought he was shooting `a wife`. Bloody coppers, how judgmental - shame on us!