Saturday, March 14, 2009

Daley Wants More Gun Control

Here is his response to the 28th CPS student killed :

“You’re going to see more of that unfortunately,” Mayor Daley, speaking at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, said of the latest student death, holding it up as further evidence of the need for more gun control.

“There are too many guns out there. There are too many younger people killing younger people at all times, day and night,” the mayor said. “It’s an epidemic in this country. People are outraged when you smoke in front of them. When are they going to be outraged with gun violence? People have to be outraged... "

Earlier Saturday at a press conference, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and other community leaders also spoke out on the need for stricter gun control and more police intervention.

“People are afraid to have funerals. Children are afraid to go to school, which contributes to high drop-out, absentee rates. They’re even afraid to go to the community store,” Jackson said. “And so fewer people are paying more taxes, living on less with more fear.”

Jackson suggested that funding from the federal stimulus package should go to the “zones of pain,” where gun violence is most prevalent
Ok we get guns off the street and guess what they get more. The gangs will always have guns and thats who's out there killing. Mr. Jackson wants more police. How about keeeping these kids out of gangs in the first place that starts in the home.


John M. Wills said...

Daley is dead wrong...there are not enough guns on the street. Only the bad guys have them.

fuzzys dad said...

Instead of gun control. We need gang control.IE better armed people.

Hogday said...

I concur with the above. We have some of the worlds strictest gun laws in the UK (EG. handguns are prohibited weapons - even our Olympic pistol team has to go abroad to Zurich to practice) but handuns and even machine pistols are out there in the hands of the gangs and criminals, more than ever before. We're fighting alligators when what we really need is swamp drainage engineering.

Anonymous said...

This is the typical Democrat response to problems: "You need us to protect you. You are helpless without us." This is how creeps like Jesse Jackson keep their own race under the thumb. They convince the ignorant masses that they will fight for them and protect them, so you must vote for them. This is why blacks and weak-minded, cowardly white liberals vote Democrat in every election.